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Ex-Military Joining the Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Ranks

August 27, 2014

nebbi-militaryThough there are several programs in place designed to help military veterans rejoin the workforce — and others that encourage the hiring of ex-military members — one profession that hasn’t seen an influx of former service members is the machinery and equipment appraisal business.

That’s starting to change, however, as equipment appraisal companies are seeing particular value in training and hiring former military members. The main reason is that their knowledge of specific types of machinery can produce more accurate appraisals.

After all, who knows jets and jet components better than a former member of the Air Force? Who knows ships better than ex-Navy? And specialists who served in all branches can help determine the value of all sorts of unusual and specific equipment that their non-military counterparts would be completely unfamiliar with.

In addition to proudly serving our country, veterans are now learning how they can serve appraisal companies, and the companies are all the better for it.

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By: NEBB Institute

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