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Helping Your Appraisal Business Grow

August 20, 2014

Anyone familiar with this blog knows how much a CMEA can do for their business. Auctioneers can improve their business. Real estate appraisers can add another stream of income to their business. There are also plenty of people a CMEA can approach when trying to expand their business. Consider directing your prospecting toward someone in the following categories.

Bankers and Lenders – When a banker or lender grants a loan, he or she must know that the lendee has enough collateral to repay the loan if it goes into default. CMEAs can tell a lender how much a company’s assets are worth.

Accountants – CMEAs can help an accountant go beyond the book value of a company’s assets by taking into account the rarity and usefulness of an asset and how much it would be worth on the open market.

Attorneys – An attorney with a client going through divorce, partnership dissolution, bankruptcy, or estate planning must know the value of that client’s assets. A CMEA can corroborate the accuracy of the numbers an attorney has in hand.

Business Owners – For tax and planning purposes, a business owner has to know the value of his or her assets. A CMEA is able to help a business owner determine what his or her assets are worth.

If you are not a CMEA but fall into one of the categories of people who need one, look for a CMEA in your area.

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By: NEBB Institute

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