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What to Do with Old Typewriters

August 6, 2014

So let’s say you’re cleaning out your back store room and come across a few old manual typewriters. What’s a business owner to do? Put them out on the curb, right? Not so fast. The best thing to do is call a CMEA and figure out what they’re worth.

According to an recent antiques and collectibles article, manual typewriters are in high demand. Some collectors pay thousands of dollars to add these relics to their collection. And some jewelry makers pry the keys off the typewriters to use in their works of art.

Some electric typewriters are worthless, as are typewriters that were painted. But typewriters made between 1872 and 1930 are collectibles. Ask your appraiser to check the serial number to help determine the typewriter’s age.

The takeaway? Don’t toss ‘em. Failed models and old models are worth a lot, but any model of manual typewriter is worth something to somebody. Call in a specialist to help you figure out what it’s worth.

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