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Appraising the Holidays

December 11, 2013

NEBBI Christmas VillageMany years ago, the Northshore Mall (then the Northshore Shopping Center) in Peabody, Massachusetts had an annual holiday tradition that was truly a sight to behold. Every year they would set up a full-scale holiday village in the center of the mall’s concourse. There were old-fashioned shops and houses, and you could glimpse animatronic families rushing around inside them getting ready for the arrival of Christmas.

It was the size of the village that was truly amazing. It ran the entire length of the mall, so shoppers who were on one side of it would have to walk all the way to the end of it to get to the other side. People didn’t mind, though. It was festive and fun, and brought out a great deal of holiday spirit.

Like most things, though, the Christmas village ran its course. It probably became too expensive to power, or too unwieldy to store, or just too much of a hassle, and they sold it off to a mildly eccentric collector in Florida.

As it turns out, though, they had an appraisal done on the village before they put it up for sale.

Can you imagine appraising a full-size holiday village? Where would you even begin? How would you assign value to it? What would you compare it to? Would the individual pieces be worth less than the village as a whole? And would it have the same value in January that it did in December?

These unique scenarios are why it’s important to have an experienced, qualified CMEA on the case. With plenty of appraisals under his or her belt, a CMEA wouldn’t be intimidated by anything, be it a full-on animatronic village or an antique printing press. Or even a guitar owned by an extremely famous guitar player.

So the Christmas village is gone but not forgotten. Appraised, purchased, and residing who knows where. Hopefully it’s still bringing holiday cheer to the masses.

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