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The Government Shutdown and Small Business

October 11, 2013

There are many factors that go into determining the value of a business – intellectual property, physical property, and, of course, machinery and equipment. Cash flow is another thing that contributes to a company’s value, and the government shutdown can affect that.

For one thing, people are out of work right now, which means they can’t spend money. And although furloughed workers might get back pay when they’re back at work so they can start spending again, small businesses might not be able to wait that long. Small businesses that contract with government agencies will also feel the pinch during the shutdown. And the work likely won’t turn on like a switch once the shutdown is over – it will take a while for the machine to start running again.

Small businesses have to think strategically to weather this development. As trusted advisors, CMEAs have a unique insight into the way businesses deal with the shutdown. How are your small business clients being affected by the shutdown? How are they adjusting?

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By: NEBB Institute

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