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The Hot New Trend in Food? Robots!

May 1, 2013

Here is another example of why it is so important for CMEAs to stay on the cutting edge of the machinery and appraisal industry. Using automation in food and beverage packaging is nothing new, but the food industry is now making greater demands for robots to help the process along. In response, manufacturing companies are developing robots that work quickly, are easy to clean, are made of food-safe ingredients, and use food-safe lubricants. These robots are designed to work in a small space and have a wide range of motion, which makes them extremely useful in a factory. Read about these latest designs here.

We’ve talked in the past about how quickly technologies evolve and how important it is for CMEAs to be aware of emerging technologies. When unique or custom machines with few comparables appear in the marketplace, the machine owners must rely on the expertise of appraisers to help them determine their value using alternative factors.

Our advice? Know what’s out there. Stay educated. Take a few training courses. Because when someone calls you to appraise their robot, is that a request you really want to turn down?

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