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Machinery and Equipment Appraisers Should Be on the Cutting Edge of the Industry

February 6, 2013

Machinery and equipment appraisers have to be on their toes. Sure, most days might be filled with appraising ordinary things, like office equipment or construction equipment, but some potential client queries might come from someone with a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment. Those calls are fun and test your knowledge.

The Packaging Conference 2013 was recently held in Atlanta, and it showcased some incredible innovations in packaging. Of course, every type of package needs a machine that can make it. Staying on the cutting edge of the industry ensures that when you get a call to appraise the next big thing, you’ll be ready.

Some of the most interesting things showcased at the conference were a 29.5-inch-wide digital printing press capable of huge runs of labels at a cost lower than traditional printing. Another was a new type of promotional packaging used by Absolut vodka. The bottles were sprayed randomly with 16 different colors so each bottle was unique. The promotion required new software and a new type of machine capable of combining three pallets into one. Imagine having the opportunity to appraise something like that.

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By: NEBB Institute

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