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Biodegradable Packaging Is Becoming More Popular

November 14, 2012

Businesses know that consumers are concerned about the environment, and many of them are, too. As a result, they are making changes to their businesses to reduce their environmental impact. Many of these changes come in the way that they are packaging their products in order to reduce waste. They are already using less packaging in shipping and on shelf displays, but one of the most interesting changes is the arrival of biodegradable plastics, which will break down in a landfill if recycling services are not available.

There are plenty of examples of these biodegradable plastics. Researchers have used fungus to create biodegradable plastics. Others have created plastics from discarded proteins left over from fish processing. Most recently, John Lewis, a UK-based retail store, announced it will begin wrapping its bedding in biodegradable polyethylene bags. The company puts an additive in the bags during their manufacturing that will allow them to break down more quickly in a landfill, leaving nothing other than water, humus, and biogas.

This packaging trend is one that CMEAs should keep an eye on. It is absolutely true that companies are using less packaging in their products, but new types of packaging means new types of equipment. It would serve everyone in the industry well to learn about these types of packaging and the equipment used to make them so that appraisers can knowledgably value the equipment for their manufacturing clients as the trend grows in popularity.

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