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Expanding Your Appraisal Business: Types of People to Approach

September 12, 2012

We’ve talked a lot about what those who acquire a CMEA from NEBBI can do with their new designation. They can become an auctioneer or improve their auction business or use it to add another stream of income to a real estate appraisal business. However, it has been a while since we’ve discussed who someone with a CMEA designation can help. If you are a CMEA trying to expand your business, consider targeting people who fall into one of the following categories:

Bankers and Lenders – Bankers and lenders must make sure that the company that accepts a loan has enough collateral to pay back the loan if it goes into default. A CMEA can give lenders a true picture of the value of a company’s assets.

Accountants – Accountants often rely on the book value of a company’s assets when determining value, but this isn’t always an accurate assessment. A CMEA can take into account the rarity and usefulness of an asset and can help an accountant determine how much it would be worth on the open market.

Attorneys – An attorney helping his or her client through a divorce, partnership dissolution, bankruptcy, or estate planning must have an accurate picture of the value of the client’s assets. A CMEA can help an attorney be sure that the numbers he or she is looking at are accurate.

Business Owners – A business owner simply must know the value of his or her assets for tax purposes and planning purposes. A CMEA can give a business owner a true picture of what his or her assets are worth.

If you are not a CMEA but fall into one of the categories of people who need one, look for a CMEA in your area.

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