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Is Outsourcing Slowing?

May 30, 2012

A recent article on CBS MoneyWatch titled “Manufacturing jobs loss to stop, says study” says that according to a study done by The Hackett Group, the net loss of jobs to China from the U.S. is slowing. In addition, as a result of higher salaries in China and rising oil prices that make shipping goods from China to the U.S. more expensive, companies may move some jobs back to the United States because the cost savings of outsourcing to China are not what they used to be. The study says that despite this decline in outsourcing, the bad news is that the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States may never return to what it once was because technology has made factories more efficient, which means they need fewer workers.

There might be good news for CMEAs in this study, however. As jobs return, perhaps companies will need to purchase additional equipment. And when equipment is needed, so are appraisals.

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