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A Message from the NEBB Institute Director

October 27, 2011

This week’s blog is a personal message from John Harris, Director of the NEBB Institute.

“As we move into the 21st century, a new breed of entrepreneur is making waves in the United States and abroad. It’s that entrepreneur who is unable to find security in the large corporation, and who therefore wants to create their own security and wealth.

The key to any successful business is to find a void and fill it. To find a need and fill that need, machinery and equipment appraisal offers what other industries don’t … an attractive diversification that offers both discipline and economic freedom. More importantly, a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) professional designation eliminates guessing or taking a non-certified person’s word when it comes to valuing machinery and equipment.

There’s a huge market for appraisal services because needs are not being met. Whether the economy is going up or coming down, appraisers make money. In a sense, you’ll join a recession-proof industry. While technology has become complex in our society, the art of brokerage and machinery/equipment appraisal has remained refreshingly simple. Because it has remained simple in theory, machinery and equipment appraisal has become a valuable concept. In the ranks of business, appraisals may be concisely defined as a ‘professional service,’ which enables one to receive cash compensation for services rendered.

A Certified Machinery Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) professional designation is the perfect compliment to expand your business, adds professional credibility, and compliments your career. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about becoming a NEBB Institute Member and earning the prestigious professional designation of CMEA. Your personal and financial freedom is just a phone call away.”

The NEBB Institute endorses and strives to observe the highest standards of professional ethics to preserve the public trust inherent in the professional appraisal practice. The Institute provides initial and monthly comprehensive education, ongoing support, and a dynamic international network, and certifies professionals in the art of machinery/equipment appraisal and brokerage.

By: NEBB Institute


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