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The Importance of the CMEA Professional Designation Equipment and Machinery Appraisal

July 20, 2011

An error in judgment in appraising machinery and equipment can be costly. You should have confidence that the values are true and are backed by evidence to support the fair market value, orderly liquidation value, or forced liquidation value.

You need to make sure that your machinery and equipment appraisal report will hold up under scrutiny. All Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Reports are not created equal. Make sure you have the information you need determine if your equipment appraisal will withstand scrutiny.

It is very important that the appraiser you choose has a professional designation to value your equipment. You can rely with confidence on a trained professional who is experienced in the ethics and reporting guidelines of USPAP. Gone are the days when a non-certified equipment appraisal will be accepted by governing authorities or will withstand scrutiny.

A Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) is a professional who has the training, knowledge, experience, and background to render a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Report. All CMEA professionals receive extensive, continuous training on a monthly basis and are subject to peer review on a regular basis. Only after a professional passes a comprehensive written examination and submits an appraisal that has passed peer review, is he/she awarded the prestigious professional designation of CMEA by the National Equipment & Machinery Brokers Institute (NEBBI). In addition, the professional is required to recertify every five years.

A CMEA is required to observe the highest standards of professional ethics and comply with regulations mandated by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Only the skills of a CMEA professional make sound financial business sense to determine an accurate value.

The NEBB Institute endorses and strives to observe the highest standards of professional ethics to preserve the public trust inherent in the professional appraisal practice. The Institute provides initial and monthly comprehensive education, ongoing support, and a dynamic international network, and certifies professionals in the art of machinery/equipment appraisal and brokerage.

By: NEBB Institute

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