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The NEBB Institute’s MEA ReportWriter Simplifies the Certified Machinery and Equipment Report Process for CMEAs

June 8, 2011

The NEBB Institute provides ongoing support, a dynamic international network, certification to professionals in the art of machinery and equipment appraisal, and comprehensive education programs. Another exciting benefit of joining the more than 400 NEBBI members is our exclusive MEA ReportWriter.

As we have talked about in previous posts, a Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) undergoes comprehensive training on the approaches to value, depreciation, value determination, USPAP regulations, and ethics, which we pride ourselves on. However, we at NEBB Institute realized that there was a lack of comprehensive report-writing software that could actually help CMEAs create reports. We realized another service we could provide to members, helping them be more efficient when it came to producing certified reports, which is where the MEA ReportWriter was born!

The MEA ReportWriter is cloud-based software that seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently helps CMEAs create certified reports in a fraction of the time it takes to draw up traditional reports. Information obtained through data collection is input into five easy-to-use screens that CMEAs can automatically populate to create USPAP-compliant Certified Summary Equipment Appraisals or Certified Desktop Equipment Appraisals. It automatically incorporates definitions of value, spreadsheets, and specific economic conditions.

There is no other software that compares to the MEA ReportWriter on the market, and it is available ONLY to NEBBI members. Please contact us to find out more about the MEA ReportWriter.

The NEBB Institute endorses and strives to observe the highest standards of professional ethics to preserve the public trust inherent in the professional appraisal practice. The Institute provides initial and monthly comprehensive education, ongoing support, and a dynamic international network, and certifies professionals in the art of machinery/equipment appraisal and brokerage.

By: NEBB Institute


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