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Using Auctions to Free Up Cash

December 8, 2010

In an October blog post titled “Auction Appraisals,” we discussed the possibility of certified machinery and equipment appraisers (CMEAs) conducting appraisals for auctions. In that post, we said that auctions are a simple and fast way to sell equipment in the event of a business failure. But there’s another occasion when an auction could be a smart move for a business owner. 

Over the last couple of years, many businesses have experienced slowdowns, but aren’t failing. In this scenario, it could be a smart business move to auction off equipment that isn’t being used or is no longer needed because of changes in the business. Selling unused equipment allows the owner to free up cash to invest elsewhere in the business. If you’re a business owner interested in making this type of decision, contact the NEBB Institute to find a CMEA in your area who can facilitate the process for you. 

The NEBB Institute endorses and strives to observe the highest standards of professional ethics to preserve the public trust inherent in the professional appraisal practice. The Institute provides initial and monthly comprehensive education, ongoing support, and a dynamic international network, and certifies professionals in the art of machinery/equipment appraisal and brokerage. 

By: NEBB Institute

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